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Cardinal Sports

DuBois Central Catholic School provides a wide range of interscholastic sporting activities that not only allow for maximum participation of our students, but also provide an opportunity for each of our students to find an activity in which they can excel.
Cardinal sports are intended to enhance student life by offering opportunities that elevate the core values of academics, faith and leadership.  Students participating in sports are held academically accountable as they are required to meet or exceed a grade of 75% in every subject area at all times, a higher standard in comparison to other academic institutions.  
We also offer the unique opportunity to co-op with local public schools on various sports teams.  For the 2023-2024 sports season, DuBois Central Catholic School is participating in school co-ops with:  Brockway Area High School, Curwensville Area High School, and DuBois Area High School.  We are honored to work with these public schools, providing additional sporting options that benefit both our students and theirs.
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Fall Sports (grades)

Cross Country (1st to 6th)
Girls Basketball (5th/6th)
Junior High (7th/8th)
Coed Soccer***
Girls Basketball
Jr High Football*
Junior Varsity/Varsity (9th-12th)
Varsity Boys Soccer***
Girls JV/Varsity Volleyball
Coed Varsity X-Country
Varsity Football*
Girls Varsity Golf*
Girls Varsity Soccer*
Boys Varsity Golf

Winter Sports

Little Dribblers Coed (1st to 4th)
Boys Basketball (5th/6th)
Junior High
Coed Air Rifle Team
Junior Varsity/Varsity (9th-12th)
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Rifle Team
Individual Swimming****

Spring Sports

Running Club
Super Strikers (1-5 soccer)
Middle School
Girls Softball
High School
Boys Baseball
Girls Softball
Coed Tennis
Boys Track & Field
Girls Track & Field


*     DuBois Central Catholic School Co-op's on Brockway Area High School team
**    Brockway Area High School Co-op's on DuBois Central Catholic School team
***  Curwensville Area High School Co-op's on DuBois Central Catholic School team
**** DuBois Central DuBois Area High School Co-op