Welcome to DuBois Central Catholic School!

DuBois Central Catholic is one of the great success stories in Catholic education. DCC is the only school in the tri-county area that provides a private, Catholic-based education for students from Pre-K to graduation at one location. However, it is excellence – not exclusivity – that we want to be the hallmark of our legacy.

Since its beginning in 1961 as a high school and its merger as a school for students in grades PreK-12, DCC has emerged as a leader in academic excellence and character formation.

We strive for academic excellence. To make that possible, we cap grade size at 60 students. This small number creates a sense of community among students and permits strong teacher/student relationships. The teacher to student ratio is only 1:15. The average class size is 15 students. This allows for individualized attention and better academic focus. Our faculty ranges from those who have taught for over 30 years to those relatively new to teaching who bring even more enthusiasm and excitement into the classroom. Our faculty participates in continued education and professional development and are extremely devoted to the students.

Our graduates are moving on to colleges of their choice and becoming professionals that make a difference.  Our students’ performance on standardized achievement tests are above the national average.  We provide many Advanced Placement classes and free AP testing.  Dual enrollment in college courses is also available.  Some students leave Central with as many as 24 college credits as well as their diploma. 

We are committed to offering students the finest education possible in a Catholic environment. Mass is celebrated once a week and religion is a core subject in our curriculum.

We provide opportunities for your child to grow, not only academically, but also personally and spiritually.  At DuBois Central Catholic, we seek to educate the whole student: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We also offer a full range of competitive sports teams and creative opportunities outside the classroom. DCC works to provide personal development for all of our students.

If you are looking for a Catholic school with a excellent, dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and a proven program for developing your child’s intellectual gifts and moral virtues, DuBois Central Catholic is for you.

We encourage you to explore our website and then pay us a visit.