Tuition & Fees

As a Catholic school, we do not receive public financial support. Instead, our mission is supported by our seven Parishes’, student tuition, annual fund-raising events and by the generosity of our many benefactors.

While we strive to provide a high-quality, faith-based education, we also strive to keep costs affordable and provide financial assistance where needed. In return, we expect our families to make a DuBois Central Catholic education a top priority, both budgeting their financial resources and their time.

For current costs please review our Tuition Schedule below.

There are two tuition rates for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade: Contributing Parish and Non-contributing Parish Tuition.

To qualify for the Contributing Parish rate a family must be actively participate in Sunday Mass and Parish activities. Families can be registered at St. Catherine, St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Bernard, St. Mary, St. Tobias, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and St. Francis. All families registering for school under this tuition category will be verified with the Parish offices.

The cost to educate a student at DuBois Central Catholic for the 2019-20 school year is over $8000 We are blessed to make up the difference between cost and tuition through the generosity of our community. Many of our families struggle to pay the actual tuition, even after financial aid is awarded, while other families are blessed with ability to pay more. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Angel Fund to allow us to further assist our families and promote the good news of Catholic education.

Other Fees Paid Separately:

  • Technology Fee: $200 per student enrolled in our Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade – added to Tuition. In an effort to implement the Technology Plan of the Diocese and the DuBois Central Catholic Board this money will be used to upgrade and improve existing computer equipment on all levels of the school. We provide a secured wireless network; students enrolled in Sixth through Twelfth Grade are required to bring their own computer.
  • Graduation Fee: $75 – Seniors Only – due before Graduation
  • $250 – Fundraising Assessment per family (prorated for PK)

Tuition Schedule 2021-22

Contributing Parish* Non-Contributing Parish
High School (level 9-12)
First Child $5,562 $6,675
Second Child $5,007 $6,008
Third Child $4,449 $5,340
Middle School (level 6-8)
First Child $4,562 $5,474
Second Child $4,106 $4,928
Third Child $3,648 $4,379
Elementary School (level K-5)
First Child $3,894 $4,674
Second Child $3,116 $3,739
Third Child $2,726 $3,274
2 Day – 1/2 day AM/PM $2026 $2026
3 Day – 1/2 day AM/PM $2,181 $2,181
5 Day – 1/2 day PM $2,609 $2,609
5 Day – 8am to 2:30pm $4,674** $4,674**

*Children from families, confirmed by parish records, of parishes contributing to the support of DCC (St Catherine, St Joseph, St Michael, St Bernard, St Mary, St Tobias, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Francis) are eligible for contributing parish discounts.

** Multi-year discounts of 20% are awarded to continuing students into the All Day 5 day Pre-K Program and Kindergarten.

*** Actual costs of educating students exceed tuition in every category. Although overhead costs are not allocated to the Pre-School program, tuition at this level covers direct costs only. The ongoing effort to cover the excess of cost over tuition through parish assessments, fundraising, endowment income, and donations becomes increasingly more difficult each year. If you are able to defray part or all of the differential between tuition and actual costs for educating your child, it would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged as a tax-deductible donation.

Balances due on tuition statements may be satisfied by 1) sending payment in full to DCC Attn: Tuition Payments, P.O. Box 567, DuBois, PA 15801, or by 2) completing a FACTS agreement online and make the first month’s payment. Payments may be made through your checking, savings or credit card with FACTS.

Please phone (371-6889) or visit the Business Office to satisfy questions or seek assistance during regular business hours, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.



Tuition Example

The Smith family who attends DCC and are registered members of St. Tobias Parish consists of the following: Dad, Mom, son John who is in 6th grade and daughter Susie who is in the 3rd grade. Mr. & Mrs Smith have a combined Pennsylvania Income in the amount of $65,000. They applied and qualified for the STAR Foundation award and actively used the Rotary Tuition Rebate Program. Their tuition is calculated as follows:

First Child Middle School $4,562
Second Child Elementary $5,007
Technology Fee ($200) per student $400
Total Tuition before Aid $9,969
STAR Foundation Award* $3,999
Rotary Rebate Earnings** $950
Tuition after Aid $5,020
Monthly Payment $418 

*STAR Foundation Award reflects 2021-22 funding. Awards are subject to change annually dependent on funding.
** Rotary Rebate Earnings reflect an average earnings during the 2021-22 period.