Tell a Friend Program

What is the Tell a Friend Program?

Word of mouth and personal referral are our most powerful marketing tools.  Many of our current students chose DuBois Central Catholic because someone recommended us to them.

You know best what DuBois Central Catholic has to offer!  In appreciation for your partnership in sharing your positive DCC experiences with others, we are implementing a new program:  Tell a Friend!

Through the Tell A Friend program, 19 students are here at DCC because of referrals made by our families and faculty.

Current students and their families, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Tell a Friend Program!

What Can I Earn by Telling My Friends about DCC?

Under this program, you can earn up to $500 in tuition or outstanding fees credit or in Rotary gift cards.

  • If the new prospective family applies and registers their child for the school year, and the child stays for one semester, you will receive $100 in a tuition or outstanding fees credit or in Rotary gift cards to a maximum of five new students for a total tuition/outstanding fees credit of $500 or total of $500 in gift cards.
  • Only one $100 referral award will be given per child. If a new family mentions more than one name as a reason for applying to DCC, the $100 will be divided between the individuals mentioned.
  • This will only apply to families who have not previously contacted DuBois Central Catholic.

How Does the Tell a Friend Program Work?

  • Tell a family about DuBois Central Catholic or contact the Admissions Office with the name of a family, contact information and any other pertinent information and Admissions will contact the prospective family.
  • Contact Gretchen Caruso, DCC President at 814-371-3060

Admissions would like to mention your name in a letter/phone call as the referring party.  If that is not possible, you must notify Admissions not to use your name.