Technology Vision Statement

DuBois Central Catholic is a diverse community of learners who work collaboratively as critical thinkers who integrate technology. Students are supported with best instructional practices that provide meaningful learning experiences and are held by high professional standards.

We effectively integrate technology as a learning and information sharing tool to:

  • Provide differentiated learning
  • Encourage an interactive learning environment
  • Implement the 4 C’s (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity) of the 21st century learning framework
  • Prepare students to be a part of a global community


Technology Mission Statement

The mission of DuBois Central Catholic is to empower our students to acquire the skills which will prepare learners for real world challenges. We ensure a nurturing environment that fosters student success and promotes innovation, creativity, and collaboration for the needs of the 21st century and beyond.

Cyber Days

What is a Cyber Day?  Once known as just a “snow day”, students at DCC now can work from home using their computers, to get credit for a school day. 

When there is a cyber day, all students in all grades will have class from 8am-12pm. Teachers will be
instructing live during this time. We recognize that many of you have young children who go to day care
or a baby sitter. For this reason, the elementary teachers will be recording their lessons so that you can
complete the assignment when you get home with your child.

Students in the MS/HS are expected to be up, dressed, and prepared for learning at 8am. The teachers
will take attendance each period. If your child is not logged in for class, they will be marked absent for
the day and an excuse will need to be turned in when your child returns to school. For elementary, if
you are completing assignments in the evening, your child will be marked present the following day.
Students will have assignments and/or homework just like they would on any regular school day.
These assignments are due by midnight the night of the snow day. Any assignment not turned in will be
marked late and graded accordingly.

For those of you who have children in elementary school, your child’s homeroom teacher will reach
out to you in regards to supplies for at-home learning and iPads for on-line learning.
It is our hope that by standardizing snow day procedures, you will be able to ensure your child is not
only learning, but also has time to enjoy the aspects of a snow day.

Forms for Student Technology Use