Schedule a Visit to DCC

Cardinal Visits have always been the greatest promotional tool for our school.  A visiting student is  paired with a DCC student who shares similar interests.  Together they would go to classes and have lunch.  After lunch, the visiting student could either continue with attending classes or take their assessments.

Due to our concern for the safety of all of our students, Cardinal Visits are scheduled for lulls in the pandemic, as tours of the school or virtual at this time.  However, we can arrange for families who are considering the gift of a Catholic education to either FaceTime or have a phone conversation with a couple of our DCC families.  

Other options include –

            Virtual Meeting – Meet with a school principal, admissions, faculty or members of the DCC school family.  Let us know two dates and times of availability when we can meet. Your virtual meeting will be confirmed via email or phone. We will send a link to connect with us.

The decision of where and how a child is educated is a decision not be taken lightly.  We want to make sure all of your questions are answered so you can make a well-informed decision.

Please give me a call at the number below or an email to arrange a Cardinal Visit today!

Gretchen Caruso

DCC President