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Middle/High School Library

The Middle/High School Library has evolved from a traditional library atmosphere to a contemporary reading, entertainment, and technology center complete with a café and e-library.  Recent renovations include the addition of a large TV, comfortable seating, and the “Central’s Perk” café. The tech area includes a “computer zone” and student printing as well as a projector screen. We kept the traditional library area up-front with tables for classes and meetings. Middle school does currently still have a library class and grades are based on Accelerated Reader Quizzes. To keep up with current interest, we have also added the OverDrive e-library, a system used by local public libraries, which students can access at anytime to download books to any type of device. (See below for more information on OverDrive.)  The café helps to fund the e-library and other events and supplies and has become a “hot spot” both before and after school. Watch out for new things coming to the library soon!


Click here for OverDrive Help to see how easy it is to borrow and enjoy titles from your OverDrive collection.

Click here for printable OverDrive Device Guides that detail how to use the OverDrive service across all platforms: Apple, Android, Windows, Chromebooks…just to name a few.


The Elementary Library

The mission of the DuBois Central Catholic School elementary library is to provide an accessible, enjoyable, welcoming place for students, teachers, and staff to find books, resources, and materials that will promote the love of reading and lifelong learning.

A collaborative effort between the teachers and the library facilitator will ensure that all students learn the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the future. Students will use the library as a place to enjoy quality literature and take an active part in learning information literacy skills.

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor student’s independent reading practice. Students pick a book at his or her own level and read it at his or her own pace. When finished, students take a short quiz on the computer in class, or library. Passing all or part of a quiz will give teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which may be used to help students set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

  • The goal of Accelerated Reader is to help students learn to comprehend the story, and develop a love for reading. Although we encourage students to do their very best it is fine if they do not receive 100% on every quiz.
  • Points are based on the amount of correct questions answered on each quiz. Stickers and small prizes are given based on the number of points that each child receives on
  • Accelerated Reader books in the DCC elementary library will have the AR level/points and quiz number located on the inside cover of each AR book.
  • To find out whether a book in your home or from your local library has an Accelerated Reader quiz, follow the link to
  • The Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader is a helpful guide that should answer many questions that may arise. There is a link to the guide listed above.

Finally, gifts to the elementary library, both memorials and celebrations, are sincerely welcomed, and may be made by contacting the library facilitator, at the following address:
Elaine Jacob, Library Facilitator
DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School
200 Central Christian Road
DuBois, PA  15801