DCC Elementary Program

DuBois Central Catholic curriculum meets or exceeds state and diocesan standards. Our curriculum builds upon previously acquired knowledge as the foundation for continued learning. It also draws upon the new trends in education including Common Core, national and state standards, and STREAM activities.

Curriculum mapping (Pre-K thru 12) assures families that a DCC education prepares students for standardized testing, such as the PSAT, SAT, Terra Nova and other nationally-recognized tests of achievement.

DuBois Central Catholic is a diverse community of learners.  Students are supported with the best instructional practices that provide meaningful learning experiences which meet high professional standards. 

DuBois Central Catholic effectively integrates technology as a learning and information sharing tool to provide differentiated learning, encourage an interactive learning environment, and implement the 4 C’s (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity), all necessary to achieve a learning framework that prepare students for a global community.

iPad carts are available to all of our elementary classes to supplement more traditional work, including cursive writing.

Reinforcing the values taught at home, our staff of professionals recognizes and celebrates the important role parents play in the educational process. We ensure a nurturing environment beginning in pre-school through grade 12.

Developing Self-esteem
o Learning Cooperation and Working with Others
o Encouraging Curiosity
o Enjoying Hands-On Activities that Foster Learning
o Appreciating Books, Reading, and Writing
o Practicing Problem Solving Skills
o Developing Social Skills
o Experiencing Free Play and Daily Recess