DCC Advent Quiz 2021

How well do you know Central Christmas Traditions?  Answer the most questions correctly and get a chance to win a Gift Card for Christmas!!!!  Answers are due by midnight  December 12, 2021.

Good Luck!

    1. A DCC tradition during Advent is to gather together on the first day of each week to light a candle in what?
    2. What song is sung during this weekly Advent tradition?
    3. What holiday in December do the DCC Kindergarteners leave out their shoes?
    4. The elementary students at Central put gifts for the needy in what area of the school during Advent?
    5. Elementary students get a chance to purchase gifts for family members at ________   _________.
    6. Which teacher often has an upside down Christmas tree in their classroom to better represent the Trinity?
    7. What club produces a Christmas play each year for the Advent Celebration?
    8. What dance is traditionally held shortly before Christmas vacation begins?
    9. Mrs. Kunkle’s junior English class generally goes to Pittsburgh to see a play of what Christmas classic?
    10. A favorite holiday dress down day right before Christmas vacation in the middle and high school involves this unattractive piece of clothing.
    11. What holiday book is read to first graders at DCC as they travel through the school in pajamas listening to a train whistle eagerly awaiting their hot chocolate?
    12. What group of DCC students have a locker decorating contest before Christmas?