College Courses & Dual Enrollment

Advanced Placement Courses

Presently, Central Catholic offers AP courses in:

  • A.P. US History
  • A.P. Biology
  • A.P. Calculus
  • A.P. Statistics
  • A.P. English Literature and Composition
  • A.P. Environmental Science

College Connections

Central Catholic has articulation arrangements with several colleges which allow students to earn college credit for courses taken in-house or at the respective colleges.

St. Francis University

Mt. Aloysius College

Penn State University offers qualified juniors and seniors the opportunity to take up to three Penn State courses at half the tuition cost.

Seniors may arrange release time from Central to complete on-site courses at the DuBois Campus of Penn State. Juniors may enroll in courses in the summer between junior and senior years.

Butler County Community College has credentialed several of our Masters-level teachers to conduct college courses at Central.

Some of the courses are taught during the school day, some meet after school and some meet on Saturdays.

Among the Courses offered on a regular basis are:
College Composition-6 credits

College Speech-3 credits
Psychology-3 credits
Anthropology-3 credits
Abnormal Psychology-3 credits

Occasionally offered:
American Literature


Students are able to earn college credits through Butler at a very reasonable rate. It is not unusual for students to graduate with up to 24 college credits. This opens up opportunities for them to graduate college early or to pursue dual majors or minors.

Dale Carnegie Course –Area donors have made the Dale Carnegie Course available to our juniors and seniors, at a very minimal cost to the students.