Alumni Mentor Program

The goal of the Alumni Mentor Program at DuBois Central Catholic is to connect current juniors and seniors with DCC alumni who are established in their career paths and willing to share their career experiences.  Making such connections will help current upperclassmen make not only career choices but also possible college choices.  Likewise, suggesting the proper academic courses needed to succeed in various careers is another positive outcome of this program. 


  • The relationship between the Mentor and Mentee is advisory and meant to be informal and friendly.   
  • Correspondence will take place via email. 
  • The mentor will offer advice and guidance based on the inquiries made by each DCC participant.
  • The mentor may suggest resources or activities to help the DCC upperclassman develop skills to aid in his or her career exploration.


If you are an alum of DCC and interested in joining this program, please email Mark Barchony, Director of Advancement at  explaining your desire to join in this effort.


Note:  In your email, please include all post-secondary degrees, majors/minors, colleges/universities attended, and any other associations/activities/job experiences that would make you an ideal mentor.