Thank you for becoming a part of Central’s Alumni Association!

The New Dubois Central Catholic Alumni Association:

The DuBois Central Catholic (DCC) Alumni Association was originally started by Bernie Pitrone, Marcia Belin-Muir, and Joyce Taylor. Their mission was to keep alumni connected & active communication of school news to alumni. They also established a scholarship that would be awarded to 3 members of each years’ Senior Class, as well as awarding a Distinguished Alumni Award at each years’ Alumni Dinner, historically held in July.

After Bernie, Marcia, and Joyce retired from the Association, there was a search for a new Leadership Committee to continue its mission and grow the Association. With the help of DCC’s new Director of Advancement, Mark Barchony, a Board is being established with plans to make the Association thrive.

Our first Leadership Committee of the Board consists of the following Officers: 

  • Gionna Pitrone (2007) President. (
  • Kallie Crawford (2013), Vice-President. (
  • Patrick Sayers (2013), Treasurer. (
  • Karen Cadwell – (1976) Secretary. (

Now that we have officers established, we are still in need of additional non-Officer Board members. If you are an alumnus that wishes to be involved, we are always expanding our list of volunteers to help at events. Please feel free to contact the Association at one of the above email addresses with any level of interest you may have to get involved.

Some of the first initiatives the Board plans to enact are creating:

  1. Individual Committees chaired by the non-Officer Board members.
  2. Host a significant annual event to bring alumni together.
  3. Host multiple in-person and virtual social and fundraising events.
  4. Establish a mentorship program between alumni and current students.
  5. Working closely with the Advancement Office to further the school’s mission of “Empowering THEIRFuture. Academics: Faith: Leadership”

As you can see, we are hard at work building an active and communicative Association, always open to hearing your feedback. If you have any comments, concerns, or ideas for future initiatives, please feel free to email the Association.

Thank you all for your continued support of DuBois Central Catholic as well as The Alumni Association throughout the years and we look forward to your continued involvement.


Gionna Pitrone, President

Kallie Crawford, Vice-President

The yearly dues for members is $10.00.  Please send dues to



Miss Gionna Pitrone,  President
CCHS Alumni Association
104 Simmons Street
DuBois, PA  15801