DuBois Central Catholic Admissions Process

The following admissions process was developed to assist parents, guardians and school administrators in determining if DCC is the best fit for a prospective student academically, emotionally and socially.



  1. Contact Amber Winkler, Director of Admissions and Marketing at 814-371-3060 ext. 607 to schedule an appointment for your family with one or more of the following individuals.  A tour of our school will be arranged.
  • Amber Winkler, Director of Admissions and Marketing
    • Please submit prior to your initial visit the following:
      • final report cards from the previous two years
      • most recent unofficial report card from the current year
      • E.P. and I.E.P. reports (If applicable)
    • Kristy Morgan, Director of Little Cardinal’s Preschool
      • To register your child for Preschool please click here. Preschool Application
    • Michele Burley, Elementary Secretary  
    • Karrie Miller, Principal
    • Jeff Gankosky, Business Manager
    • Maria Aucker, MS/HS Guidance Counselor
    • DCC students and/or families
    • Suzanne Reed, ACT 89 Special Needs Consultant
  1. During your initial virtual visit to DuBois Central Catholic, we would like to meet with both you and your student. After the initial meeting, if you wish to move forward with the Admissions Process, we strongly suggest you complete the DuBois Central Catholic Financial Aid Form. This request is in the best interest of your family as we want to make sure financially, a Catholic education is agreeable with your budget, prior to a student taking our assessments.


  1. Apply to our school via our website for Kindergarten through grade 12 at www.duboiscatholic.com.

Paper applications are also available through the Admissions Office.


Upon receipt of your student’s application for first through fifth grade, we will schedule in person Academic and Guidance Assessments.

Guidance Assessments are given only to students in grades 2-5.


  • Elementary Assessments are given by the principal and guidance counselor
  • Middle School/High School Assessments are conducted by the principal and guidance counselor


Once the Admissions Process has been completed, the application and all documentation will be presented to the Admissions Committee for review.  Families will be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision.


All students accepted to DuBois Central Catholic are accepted on a 30-day Provisional Acceptance and upon receipt of the following information

  • Documentation provided by you during the initial school visit
  • Official school transcripts from student’s previous school requested by DCC
  • A copy of student’s birth certificate or legal documentation showing a change of name for the student
  • Legal documentation showing custodial rights when applicable
  • Immunization Records
  • PIAA Paperwork, provided by Mrs. Karrie Miller, Principal or Mr. Phil Esposito, Athletic Director for students in grades 7-12.
  • If the student attends Saints Cosmas and Damian Catholic School, Punxsutawney or St. Francis School, Clearfield and wishes to transfer to DCC, please provide a statement from the parish priest or principal stating the transfer was discussed with them.