A Day in the Life of a DCC Preschool Student

Free Play and Clean Up

Every day the children begin with Free Play/Clean Up.  Children are able to construct knowledge through meaningful play and active exploration of the environment. Free play engages curiosity of the world around them, and meets the needs of the children so that they feel safe and secure.  Children will demonstrate flexibility, risk taking, and responsibility.  They will be able to share their imagination, creativity, and inventive ideas.  Children will develop self concept, self regulation, and social interactions.



Circle Time

Circle time is when children express themselves through movement and music, listen to a story, or discuss a new concept.  They will develop and expand listening and understanding skills – listening responsively to directions and conversations.  Many concepts are learned during circle time including letters and sounds, numbers, patterns, measurement, and problem solving.




Story Time

During story time, children will develop and expand awareness of concepts of print and develop book knowledge and appreciation. They will show a developing appreciation of a variety of art forms. Children will develop and expand listening and understanding skills.  They will comprehend information from written and oral stories and texts.




Fine Motor Activity

Fine motor activities allow children to use a variety of visual art forms for creative expression and representation as well as show a developing appreciation of a variety of art forms. They will demonstrate imagination, creativity, and invention as they use or combine materials/strategies in ways to explore problems.  Children develop fine motor control, strength, and dexterity to manipulate objects, they demonstrate hand-eye coordination, and increase control with writing and drawing implements.




Gross Motor Activity

While taking part in gross motor activities, children will develop gross motor coordination as they control large body movements.  They exhibit balance, strength, stamina, and coordination of body movements.  Children will combine large motor movements with the use of equipment and engage in physical activity practicing healthy and safe activities.  Following rules and identifying and avoiding risk taking practices will allow students to understand the roles of positive body images.






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A Day in the Life of a Preschooler

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