DCC Opens the World to Students

DuBois Central Catholic strives to engage students beyond the classroom, encouraging and guiding their intellectual and personal development as they pursue both academic and individual goals.

Faculty member, Irene Gankosky teaches Spanish, German, Chinese and Latin to DCC students.  In her Modern Language classroom, she has provided an opportunity for students to benefit from instruction with native speakers from around the world.  “We cannot travel to each of the Spanish speaking countries, but we can make use of modern technology, through the classroom TV and ZOOM, a reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, to bring the world to our students.”

The fourth quarter of Spanish I and II includes a weekly lesson with instructors either from Lima, Peru or Cádiz, Spain.  Their lessons build confidence in the abilities the students have acquired and motivates them to work even more diligently in preparation of their weekly lessons.”  Gankosky went on to say, “The students eagerly participate in conversations, asking and answering questions in Spanish.”  Gankosky has enjoyed the students’ reactions as they look to her for confirmation that they have understood the conversation correctly.

“Our instructor in Peru created a Kahoot, an online game-based learning platform, using the lesson material I provided.  The instructor took the class to the next level.  After the students completed the Kahoot question, he explained the concept taught in that question. There were only16 questions in the Kahoot, but the learning was challenging and fun.”  Junior class member, Aliyah McNeil, “It was a vibrant learning experience.  Speaking to a native speaker made me feel as if I was within the country of Peru.  It was a vibrant learning experience.”

Michelangelo Piccirillo, a sophomore student in Gankosky’s class thought having an instructor from Peru was a fun experience.  “I look forward to our next teacher, José.  He is from Spain.”

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