Faculty of the Week: Melissa Noroski, Little Cardinal’s Preschool Instructor

Melissa Noroski has been with DuBois Central Catholic for 17 years. As an instructor in our Little Cardinal’s Preschool she teaches 5day/All-Day Kindergarten Prep. Kindergarten Prep is a class designed for little ones who miss the July 1st cut-off day for kindergarten. The class reinforces the social, emotional and academic skills needed for success in an all-day kindergarten program. The birthday cut off for this class is December 1.

Melissa holds a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education from Clarion University. She is married to Dr. Joseph Noroski and has one daughter, Brielle who attends DCC.

“My goals for my little ones is for them to enjoy school! Learning should be fun! I especially love using hands on activities to help them reach their goals in getting ready for kindergarten. Due to Covid-19, all students have their own supplies rather than sharing.” Melissa went on to say, “What has worked best for me are Hula Hoops. I refer to them as rafts and each child is encouraged to stay on it! This keeps the children socially distant while making it fun.”

Teaching at DCC is very important to Melissa, DCC Class of 1992. Her daughter is the 4th generation on her father’s (George “Bucky” Fletcher, 1963) side to attend Catholic school in DuBois.

“I absolutely love reading Bible stories and teaching my students about Jesus! Teaching the ABC’s, numbers, science and social studies is very important in getting the kiddos ready for kindergarten. When Christ is involved, you are also teaching them how to be a good person. That will stay with them for years to come!

When asked what her favorite funny moment or comment has been through the years, Melissa stated, “Sometimes the children forget who I am and call me ‘Mom’. A little girl this year called me “Mom” and said, “Is that OK? You’re like my Mom away from home!”

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