DCC Faculty of the Week: Katie Ellenberger

Upon graduation in 2016 from DuBois Central Catholic, Katie Ellenberger would never have guessed she would return to her alma mater as a member of the faculty.

Katie graduated from Mount Aloysius College with a BS in Early Education.  She currently teaches technology to grades Pre-K through 5th.   Upon graduation Katie’s plan was to major in Radiology and work in a hospital.  Katie said, “After my first semester, I decided to switch my major to Early Education.  When I made my decision to continue in early education, DCC was where I wanted to go.  Everything fell into place and I am very blessed it did.”

As an instructor, Katie covers many concepts with her students.  They learn and become proficient in basic computer skills, such as typing, word processing, research, email, and more.  Her students also get to explore and experience some Computer Science like coding and robotics.  Each student is equipped with an iPad, through the school, to help prepare them for middle school. Katie stated, “We touch on a little bit of everything, so the children have enough experience to tackle more advanced concepts in middle school.  Use and knowledge of various forms of technology develop critical problem-solving skills that will aid students throughout their entire lives.  I hope that my students learn how to use technology and applications more effectively to help them in their future.”

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