DuBois Central Catholic Announces Middle School Officers and Project

Ashley Nelson, Advisor for the DCC Middle School Student Council recently announced the

newly elected 2020-2021 Middle School Student Council officers.  They are President, Westin

Youngdahl, DuBois, Vice-President, Kaden Bush, Sykesville, Secretary, Aurea Slimak, DuBois,

and Treasurer, Peyton Gilbert, DuBois.


Student Council is just one of many extracurricular activities’ students participate in at DCC.

The purpose of student councils throughout the country is to develop leadership skills, create

community awareness and to promote school spirit.


According to President Weston Youngdahl, “Toys for Tots was chosen as a project because we know

Covid-19 has caused people to lose their jobs and it will be hard for families to buy toys for

their kids.”  Vice-President Kaden Bush added, “We want to make the year better for other

children. It has been a tough year.”


Nelson said, “Our collection will begin on Monday, November 16 – Wednesday, November 25.  Due to the

uncertainty of schools being open past Thanksgiving, we decided to assist Robin Clark, Coordinator, Clearfield

County Toys for Tots and the Sgt. Wm. L. Dixon Detachment #289 and hit the ground running in our collection



The Clearfield County Toys for Tots started collecting toys on October 15 and will continue until December 1,

2020.  To fill an online request form, go to www.toysfortots.org or call (814)761-0393 or (814)577-8778.


Kyan Peck, a member of student council said, “Our student council wants to be part of the

change kids are making to improve relationships everywhere.”

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