DCC Return to School 2020 Action Plan

DuBois Central Catholic is offering three options for students for school this year, which starts August 24th.  Click here to view the plan.

First, students can return to school for in-person instruction, which will include some classes outdoors.

Second, if parents want to send their child to school, but the student has been sick or has been traveling and needs to quarantine, they can learn remotely for a time.

“They will be able to do online instruction, which will be them tuning in live, to see the instruction going on in the classroom, so they’ll have a schedule of when classes meet and they will be able to watch the teacher, teaching the lesson to the students that are here present in the building,” Gretchen Caruso, President, for DuBois Central Catholic, said.

Thirdly, if parents do not feel comfortable sending their kids to school, students can learn online at home, long term.

President, Gretchen Caruso, says after the school went to all online learning last spring, parent’s wishes came in loud and clear in a survey.

“Overwhelmingly parents wanted in-person instruction, they felt overwhelmed at times, that they became the teacher and they don’t want to be teaching their own children,” Caruso, said.

The school is going by the rules DuBois Area School District is following, meaning all students are required to wear masks. Masks will be provided if a student doesn’t have one.

Every day, students will be tested for a fever at the start of the day.

“When the students arrive at school each day, they’ll be greeted by their teachers and they will immediately have their temperatures taken and will go through the check sheet of symptoms,” Caruso said.

If the student has a temperature of 104 or higher, they’ll be tested again in the gymnasium with a more accurate ear temperature gauge. After that the school nurse will decide if a student needs to be sent home.

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