DuBois Central Catholic…Thank You Team!

The week of May 4th through May 8th is celebrated as “Teacher Appreciation Week”.  Senior Jaci Mennetti stated, “Teachers are some of the most important figures in the lives of students.  Most teachers would have celebrated this past week in their classrooms with their students. Unfortunately, due to the challenging times we are currently living in, that was unable to happen in 2020.”

Although celebrating in classrooms with their students was not permitted this year, teachers were shown appreciation by receiving cards and gift cards, messages from their students, pictures, videos and signs and positive comments thanking them for a job well done.  Gretchen Caruso, President of DCC noted, “I am continually impressed with the amount of time and energy my teachers put into helping our students succeed. They are certainly among the very best in education and I’m proud to employ them at DCC.”

The writers of DuBois Central Catholic website, Cardinal Chatter were asked to submit something in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Mennetti went on to say, “All teachers at DCC are respectable for their hard work, diligence, and commitment to their job.” She noted, Mrs. Lisa Blasdell as someone who exhibits those characteristics along with patience and kindness to her students.

Senior Dan Cooley, mentioned Mr. Andy Rice as an example of one of the great teachers at DCC. “Mr. Rice is very charismatic, fun loving and knows how to mix schoolwork with amusement. He enjoys interacting with his class and truly does care about their wellbeing. He gives many assignments and projects that not only test the mind of the student, but also helps them express themselves in ways most projects cannot.”

Senior Samantha Harris stated, “…Every teacher in our DCC family is perfect in their own, subjective way. They have their strengths and weaknesses that work in tandem with each other. Every individual teacher is part of a team that works together to make the school the best place it can be, and a safe space for us.” And senior Rachel Aravich, may have shown a little partiality to elementary teacher, Brenda Aravich being they are related, but all would agree, Mrs. Aravich arrives at school waiting to see her students with a big smile, laughter in her voice and “makes the environment for people around her enjoyable.”

The positive side of being educated through the COVID-19 Pandemic is that everyone realizes now, more than ever, the sacred relationship between teachers, parents, grandparents and guardians in the education of their children. “Hard work, diligence, commitment, patience and kindness; being fun loving, caring about the student/child; having strengths and weaknesses, knowing you are part of a team and trying to make the environment for people around them enjoyable,” are all attributes and characteristics not only of our state certified instructors, but also of our parents, grandparents and guardians. As a team, we all bring together our time, gifts and talents to assist our children in developing their God-given talents.

On behalf of the DCC administration, faculty and staff, we applaud and thank you, our parents, grandparents, guardians and students for the great teamwork and success of our remote learning program!

Pictured is Marley Dixon.  Her assignment was to draw a picture of something you did and write two sentences about your picture.  Great job Marley and Dad!

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