Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students Teach Lesson on Aerodynamics!

A collaborative STREAM activity was done between third and kindergarten, fourth and first, and fifth and second grade students at DuBois Central Catholic as part of the school’s National Catholic Schools Week festivities.

The students created ‘skiers’ out of popsicle sticks, foil, index cards, toothpicks and tape. The children learned about the importance of balance which was necessary for the four inch skiers to successfully go down “Cardinal Mountain” and remain standing at the bottom. This fun activity taught children to use critical thinking and teamwork while they learned about aerodynamics.

Fourth grade student, Tori Youngdahl stated, “I thought what we did was actually a great deal fun, working with the younger children. They had a lot really good ideas. One of the ideas, my partner had was instead of using toothpicks as the body, he thought to use tinfoil for the body.” First grade students, Tyler Curry and Gianna Sachs said, “We learned that our idea worked and it was fun.”

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