DuBois Central Catholic…’Oh what fun it is to…’

You have one guess? Where can you go to find Christmas trees with handmade ornaments, donated items from one end of the building to the next, fashion shows of ugly sweaters, decorated halls and lockers, Santa Grams, laughter, adults and children cheering one another, birthday cake and when asked “What is the very best part of Christmas?”, children in chorus answering, “Jesus’s birthday?”? If you guessed DuBois Central Catholic step right up for hot chocolate and a cookie because you are right!

While homemade ornaments of mangers with baby Jesus hang from trees, three-dimensional mangers line hallways, reindeer and Christmas trees abound, students at DCC, with classes, tests, and Christmas festivities continue to carry on the school’s beliefs. One, for example being, ‘We Believe. . . in a faith-centered community, cultivating a family spirit that promotes respect of self and others, teamwork, service to others, cooperation and communication.’

The annual ‘Make a Wish Week’ gave us an opportunity to share the spirit of the season. Student K- 12 voted for their teachers by donating coins. The favorite teachers received their own Christmas star to be placed on one of the many trees at the school. The winners were Mrs. Emily Gardner (in the high and middle school) and Mrs. Kelly Pompeii in the elementary school.

As the elementary collected items for Penn Highlands-DuBois NICU, Salvation Army, Stocking Hope, Christ the King Manor’s Personal Care Unit, Toys for Tots and Backpacks for Children’s Hospital, the middle school and high school sent Santa Grams, held locker decorating contests and held a fashion show for the “ugliest sweater”! The winner, chosen by reverberated cheers by students and faculty was Mr. Steve Boland! In total DCC donated $1855.00 to the Make A Wish foundation as well as contributing to local charities.

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