On Thursday, September 12th Our DCC Cardinals met the Dubois Beavers in an intense volleyball matchup. Ultimately the Beavers left with a win, but to the Cardinals it was a victory. The game went back and forth all 3 sets, with the girls playing extremely well. They gave the Beavers’ 4-0 record a run for their money.                                                                    

Juliana Stine started off the game with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem then went to take her place with the starters: Shayleigh Gulvas (captain), Hannah Holdren (captain), Jordan Kosko (captain), Bella Mangiantini, Allison Pittsley, Maia Cogley. Bella Mangiantini’ killed it’ with the blocks and Shayleigh Gulvas covered the back. The team powered through every set, and they weren’t alone either.

The DCC student section was exceptional in keeping the energy going, even battling the DuBois cheering section. At one point, the fans were doing pushups, challenging each other, and cheering on their teams. It was an exciting display of school spirit which made the game not only fun for the fans, but the players as well. Mrs. Carol Korthaus was in the stands for the epic struggle with our crosstown rivals. She was amazed by how much our teams have improved and matured. ‘It was that…….. close!’ she remarked indicating that we almost got over the hump in the second set. ‘It will happen; these girls are going to gel, and then they will beat anyone!” Maybe when we play Dubois the next time.

 Article by Juliana Stine

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