DCC’s Elementary Tech/STEM Club

DCC’s Tech/STEM Club

Sarah Winslow, faculty advisor for DCC’s Elementary Tech/STEM Club, enjoys working with eighteen 5th graders who have joined this after-school activity every Monday which fosters teamwork and problem-solving.  Fifth graders were excited to construct various circuits using this Snap Circuit Kit. According to Winslow, students in 5th grade had to apply for membership in the Tech/STEM Club by first completing an application, then writing an essay about why STEM is important to them, and lastly by achieving nothing lower than a B in their regular coursework.  Club members are currently learning not only about circuitry, but also about how a computer works by finding various pieces within laptops.  Winslow adds, “Students will also be learning more in-depth coding techniques by making their own computer games using the Flowlab Game Creator website.” 



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