Art Students Experiment with Torch Enameling


Artists from the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology spent two days at DuBois Central Catholic working with the art students of Ms. Cheyenne Helman, teaching them the technique of torch enameling. Working with DCC’s students were Melissa Lovingood and Matthew Cote`, who shared their artistic knowledge and willingly answered the student questions.

“The torch enameling was an exciting and liberating experience,” says Gabby Delzangle, who adds, “definitely prompting me to look further into BCAT and what they have to offer.”

According to Helman, the steps for torch enameling were explained in detail and students carefully followed the directions, with welcomed assistance from the visiting artists.

Using small copper discs, students first cleaned them with water, Dawn detergent and a fiberglass brush in preparation for spraying a mixture to ensure proper adhesion. After choosing a base color at one of the work stations, students applied the powdered enamel and then using tweezers could select from miniature glass rods and colored chunks of glass to create their individual design. The last step was using one of the mini-kilns provided by BCAT to torch each disk, which could be made into a pendant or pin or even attached to one’s backpack or keychain using the wire or hemp cord that was provided.

Helman says, “BCAT coming to our school enabled students to see and experiment with new forms of art. It gave them a chance to visualize how everyday functional objects can be handmade, such as belt buckles, jewelry, silverware and more!” Helman adds, “I think the students now realize what a hidden gem BCAT is, and they will hopefully take advantage of all that is offered there.”

Another art student, Quinn Kulling, stated, “After seeing the demonstrations, it looked like a lot of fun…and I plan to look into their drawing classes.”   Nick Hansel concluded, “It was an interesting experience that not every student gets to receive.”

Both visiting artists from BCAT expressed an interest in returning to DCC sometime during the second semester for another activity, which Helman will eagerly integrate into the art curriculum.


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