New Science Tables Equipped with Whiteboards Keep Students Engaged in Learning

The twenty-one students enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology at DuBois Central Catholic High School recently used whiteboards now attached to their science room tables to collaborate on methods to remember the more difficult terms used to describe parts of the body.   In the photo, two students brainstorm on how best to present their findings as instructor Dr. Amy Way checks their strategy. Ways explains, “Each table of students was given three different anatomy terms to develop a memory technique to share with fellow classmates, with some interesting and creative outcomes, such as the x in the term pollex, which means thumb, will trigger thoughts of playing XBox, of course, with one’s thumbs.”   Way adds, “Our science room tables with attached whiteboards, made possible through DCC’s ‘classrooms of the future’ initiative, provide another feature to keep students engaged in learning.”

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