Staff Assignments Announced for 2018-19 School Year


The Administration of DuBois Central Catholic announces staff assignments for the 2018-19 academic year.  DCC’s Pre-School, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are housed in a four-wing educational complex at 200 Central Christian Road in Sandy Township.  According to Headmaster Gretchen Caruso, the facility opened its doors at this location in the Fall of 2002 and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools from Pre-K through Grade 12.

The Class of 2019 will be the 58th class of graduates from Central.  Caruso adds, “Catholic education in the DuBois area enjoys a long-standing tradition dating back to the late 19th Century (1889), and our school goal of spreading the Gospel message has remained the same into the 21st Century.”

Reverend Monsignor Charles A. Kaza, Pastor of St. Tobias Parish in Brockway, will continue serving as the President of the school system.  Carol Bernat returns as Elementary Principal with Brenda Aravich as Assistant Elementary Principal.  Mrs. Kathleen Kunkle serves as Academic Dean of Curriculum and Ms. Tiandra Snyder is Director of Guidance.

Elementary faculty members include the following: Missy Noroski,  Kristy Morgan, and Nicole Finalle- pre-school;   Kelle Pompeii and Stacey Frank – two sections of all-day kindergarten;  Brenda Aravich and Barb Dettore – first grade;  Jennifer Pisarcik and Linda Schalk – second grade;  Amber Wachob and Kristy Erich – third grade;  Susie Maurer and Michael Gralla- fourth grade; Debbie Vandervort and Kristy Snyder – fifth grade; Joseph Lesnick – music and library facilitator;  Rickie Martini – phys ed;  Emily Roy – elementary art; Sarah Winslow – elementary technology instructor; and Chris Felix – Elementary Resource Teacher.

Secondary faculty members include the following:  Heather Barber – English 7 & 8, Journalism 8,  Speech 7, Spanish 8, and Library (MS);   Lisa Blasdell – Excel & Data,  ‘Cardinal Chatter,’  Research 10,  Media/Games, Senior Rotation Course, and Marketing;  Steve Boland  – English 6, 7, 8 and Library (MS);  Andy Chaplin – German 6;   Donna Chollock –  AP Biology, Biology, and Environmental Science;  Becky Dutra – Theology 10, 11 & 12,  Liturgy & Sacraments, and Spirit Song;  Ashley Eck – Pre-Algebra 7 & 8, Math 6, Problem Solving 7 & 8, and Study Skills 6;  Angela Edwards – Intro Engineering,  CAD,  Robotics 8, and Finance; Irene Gankosky- Spanish I, II, .Latin and Chinese; Kelsea Green – Geometry H, Geometry, Basic Physics and SAT Math.

Other secondary faculty members are Rene Gressler – Science 6, 7, 8, and Science Enrichment 8;  Cheyenne Helman – Art 6, 7, 8; Art (HS), and Senior Rotation Course; Carol Korthaus – English 10, Applied Journalism, Communications, and Humanities;  Tara Kramer – Social Studies 7, 8, and Computer 6, 7, 8;   Kathleen Kunkle – Adv. Lit & Composition, Advanced English 11, English 11; Drama, Social Justice, and Topical Literature;  Ricky Martini  – Phys Ed 10, 11, and Health; Michael Micknis – Social Studies 6 & 8, Phys Ed 6, 7, 8, 9;  James Murphy – College Composition I, II, English 6 & 9, SAT Verbal; Dr. Joseph Noroski –  Adv. Chem I, Chem 1 & II, and Physics; Tim O’Connor – Government, Social Issues, Economics, World Cultures, and Drivers Ed; Alena Park – Calculus, Pre-Calc, Trigonometry-Stats, Trig Stats Honors, and Algebra II Honors; Andrew Rice – Psychology 1 & 11, and US History 1, II; Lauren Rice – Algebra II, Algebra I Honors (8), Algebra I & II,  and Math 6, 7;  Tiandra Snyder – College & Careers and Life Skills 6;  Jodi Stewart – Chorus,  Music 7, Theology 6, 7, 8, Spirit Song 6,7,8, and instrumental;  Dr. Amy Way – Anatomy & Physiology;  and  Fr. David Whiteford – Theology 9, 10 and Life Skills 7,8.

Becky Dutra serves as Campus Minister.  William Champlin is Director of Technology; Angela Edwards, Software Applications; and Tara Kramer, Technology Curriculum Director.  Debora Kruise is Director of Admissions and Marketing, Gwen Auman is Director of Advancement, and Joyce Taylor is Director of Communications & Alumni.  Mike Erickson is the Athletic Director.   Dean of Discipline for middle and high school is Lauren Rice. The Administrative Secretary for the secondary level is Diane Himes; Elementary Administrative Secretary is Michele Burley.

Business Manager/CFO for the school system Pre-K through Grade 12 is Belinda Vasbinder, assisted by Kevin Anderson.  Paula Sliwinski is Rotary Rebate Coordinator. Donna Kosko serves as Elementary Teacher’s Aide.  Other elementary staff assistants are Elaine Jacob and Shelley Sebring.

Act 89 instructors include Stacey Truman and Retta Cebulskie,   Title I instructor is Megan Sheloski.   Vicky Pettenati, Joyce McKee, and Cheryl McIntosh serve as school nurses.

Ken Coder is in charge of maintenance, assisted by Bob Boland.  The janitorial staff includes Supervisor Jeff Booher, Jennifer Smith, Nancy Murray and David Piccirillo.                                                      .

Nutrition, Inc. continues as DCC’s food service provider.










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