CAD Student Creates Book Stands Using DCC’s Fablicator

DCC Sophomore Bryce Micknis, a CAD student of Mrs. Angela Edwards, gladly accepted the challenge of Headmaster Gretchen Caruso to design and create durable book stands to replace the old wire frames that had been in use for decades in the elementary library.  According to Edwards, Micknis surveyed the function of the old wire frames and quickly developed his own ideas, determined to create a better book stand … and he did, adds DCC Elementary Librarian Joe Lesnick!

Using six colors of PLA plastic filament, he proved what his instructor Edwards always stresses to her CAD students: Real-life applications make the 3D printer a necessary feature in today’s world. Edwards says, “An added bonus is giving back to the school a much-needed item that was created in-house in a timely fashion rather than ordered from a company at a greater expense.“

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