OSMO iPads Popular at DCC Elementary



(First photo) DuBois Central Catholic Kindergarten students take turns practicing their analytical skills under the guidance of their teacher, Kelle Pompeii.  Students were using the physical puzzle pieces found in the Tangram Activity of the OSMO System on the iPad, which has the technical ability to detect if the students are completing their puzzle correctly or not.  In the background of the first photo, Sarah Winslow, Elementary Technology Teacher, watches over students during their weekly Push-In Tech lesson.  In the second photo, Stacey Frank checks on the progress of one of her students while another awaits her turn. 

According to Winslow, DCC elementary has fourteen (14) OSMO Systems, with 3 to 5 activity sets in each, including the following: Tangram, interactive puzzles; Words, spelling enrichment; Coding, computer science; Numbers, math enrichment;  Monster, social interaction skills; Pizza, math supplement; and Master Piece, art skills.  Kindergarten sections of  Kelle Pompeii and Stacey Frank participated in this OSMO activity in their respective classrooms, both coordinated by Winslow.




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