Mock Trial Team Defeats Bellefonte


Written by Zach Shoenemen, editor of “Cardinal Chatter”… and a member of DCC’s Class of 2018! This article appeared in a recent segment!

One of the many clubs and organizations that our school’s students can participate in is Mock Trial. Mock Trial is essentially what the name says, it’s not quite a real trial, seeing as how it’s being performed by students, but the concept is still the same. It’s something our school participates in every year. On Monday, February 12th, the team competed and defeated Bellefonte Area High School in Bellefonte, PA.

Unlike a traditional trial where the prosecution and defense both get to go, only our school’s prosecution was attending and competing in Bellefonte. Like a traditional trial, however, there were still attorneys and witnesses.  Mrs. Carol Korthaus is the person in charge of teaching each of them what they’re doing, and also keeps them in line. The lead attorneys for DCC were Anastasia Tarcson, Meghan Graeca, and Jessica Tomasko. The key witnesses were Anne Latuska, Carolyn Sette, and Becca Liddle. The timekeeper was Becca Dohner.

After much preparation, the team was able to soundly defeat the Bellefonte trial team on their home turf. In fact, a few of our own students were given awards for how well they did in their bout with Bellefonte. Graeca was named the most outstanding attorney, and Latuska was named most outstanding witness. The rest of the team members, as well as the timekeeper, did well at their jobs, too. We are proud of how well DCC’s 2018 Mock Trial team performed, and we look forward to them competing in more events.

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