5th Graders Learn About CPR

DCC 5TH GRADERS LEARN ABOUT CPR…Never too young to learn!

Mr. Brad Pifer, an EMT from Reynoldsville, recently instructed DCC 5th graders on the proper hand-position and pressure required in cardio pulmonary resuscitation as well as demonstrating other CPR techniques to help save lives.  According to teachers Kristy Snyder and Debbie Vandervort, the life-saving lesson came as a result of the students’ reading Red Kayak, a story about a young person being saved through CPR.  The end result was an educational experience that combined language arts and the field of science.  Pifer, DCC’s Director of Maintenance, has been an EMT for 26 years and was happy to share his expertise with both sections of 5th graders at DuBois Central Catholic Elementary who were so interested and serious about mastering the CPR techniques.






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