Grant Provides New Math Carts for Elementary Students



 Caption for photo:  The Baltimore Life through its Charitable Grant Program has provided DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School with two easily moveable carts that house learning materials based on math principles.  Students enjoy the versatility the carts provide and look forward to seeing a cart enter their respective classrooms because of the hands-on learning fun it offers!  Mrs. Chris Felix, enrichment and resource teacher, and Mrs. Gretchen Caruso, Elementary Principal, watch as several students check out the wide selection of math materials contained on the two carts.  

 According to Chris Felix, enrichment & resource teacher at DuBois Central Catholic Elementary, the carts are her traveling companion as she journeys from classroom to classroom as part of the school’s expanded math curriculum, making the learning materials conveniently accessible for students and teachers in their regular classrooms. 

 In addition, the classroom teachers also use the carts during recess times for games and activities that reinforce already taught math concepts.  Another popular use of the carts for 2nd through 5th graders is to create math stations during their regular math periods.  Felix adds, “The carts are also used for the weekly math enrichment exercises held each Friday for every 4th & 5th grader at DCC.”

 According to Principal Gretchen Caruso, “We continually strive to increase our math scores and knowledge.  These carts will allow easier access to games and activities to help us meet our goals.”   These additional carts are enabling the math curriculum on the elementary level to honor its commitment of  “Keeping Faith with the Future!” 




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