ELO Program Enjoys 3 Years of Success


                   ELO Program A Success at DCC Elementary School

In the photo, several students survey the first of two “I Spy” investigation tables set up in the elementary library at DuBois Central Catholic as part of the school’s ELO (Expanded Learning Opportunities) Program for all students from 3rd through 5th grade. 

Expanding the learning opportunities for students at DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School remains the goal of the highly-successful ELO Program, instituted three years ago to provide enrichment activities for students.   The program is scripture-based and teaches various disciplines, according to program coordinators, Chris Felix and Elaine Jacob.

The most recent ELO Program was based on the series of “I Spy” books by Walter Wick.  Students worked in assigned pairs and were given a printed list of 8 clues to find the ‘hidden’ treasures on the two tables.   Over 200 objects of varying sizes were strategically displayed to challenge students to be selective and be creative in their choice of answers to each clue.

According to both Felix and Jacob, working in pairs was not only a positive exercise in team cooperation but also a learning experience in team competitiveness.

Felix concludes, “Bringing in the scriptures makes each lesson a unique Central experience, helping us fulfill the mission of spreading the Gospel Message.”  Shelly Sebring assisted the students and the coordinators in this project. 





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