Social Justice Course for Seniors…”This Christmas buy local and buy American!”


Students currently in Social Justice, a 12 week course that is part of Central’s Senior Rotation Series, took their message to heart by creating a bulletin board at the entrance to the high school wing of DuBois Central Catholic with the words….This Christmas buy local and buy American!  Students had been researching the role local businesses can play in creating local jobs and thereby positively impacting the local economy.

Discussions were lively and eye-opening for the students, according to instructor Kathleen Kunkle.  To create the board, students copied ads from DCC’s yearbooks to determine local support, and also copied ads from a variety of local businesses that support the local economy in DuBois and the surrounding areas.

Mrs. Kunkle explains, “Our goal is to make Central kids aware that we need to support people who support us.  We can make a difference in the local economy just by deciding where to buy things.”

Seniors made some interesting observations and learned some surprising facts from this learning experience:


  • Small local businesses provide the community with sports teams and fund the creation of school yearbooks.   


  • Local baseball teams from the past year are sponsored by 60 small businesses from our area.



  • If every person spent $3.33 at a small business one time a year, 10,000 permanent jobs could be created.



  • When you spend at local businesses like Aegis Coffee, Brady Street Beer Distributor, Express Oil Change, and the DuBois Diner, much of that money circulates back to the community.



  • Non-profits receive 250% more donations from small businesses than any other donors.



  • We spoke about buying American products in class, and I was shocked to find that, with a tie from China and socks from London, the only thing I was wearing that held the Made in America label was my underwear.



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