Teacher In-Service Day: A Rewarding Experience

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                              It might be a day-off for students…but a worthwhile educational experience for educators!

DuBois Central Catholic’s September 28, 2016, In-Service Day began in the school’s chapel with a prayer service, led by Assistant Headmaster, Reverend Father Edward Walk. All faculty system-wide joined in the opening event and then later shared lunch together in the school cafeteria.

Middle and high school teachers met in the secondary library to discuss the changes and modifications in the middle and high school curriculum that will be fully implemented for the 2016-2017 school year.

Under the direction of Kathleen Kunkle, Academic Dean of Curriculum, teachers in the different academic departments presented the rationale behind their decisions and the processes each used to enable the new ideas and new approaches to work more effectively and more beneficially for the students in their respective courses.

Education at DCC is never static….but always evolving as new courses are added and former courses are modified….all with the intention of advancing the knowledge of students from 6th grade to 12th grade.  As one attendee stated, “The amount of knowledge and expertise presented today by the faculty showed not only forward-thinking but also the on-going desire for DCC’s educational offerings to always be advancing.”

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was the focus of another in-service topic: ‘It’s Not How Smart You Are-It’s How You Are Smart.’   Under the leadership of Dawn Bressler, Principal, teachers learned about the emphasis in the middle school on ‘multiple intelligences’ and were given the opportunity themselves to experience the on-line tests already taken by the middle school students.  Their own test results surprised some teachers but also reinforced others’ belief in how they prefer to learn.   According to another attendee, “It was an eye-opening activity which challenges us as educators to find different and novel ways of evaluating student achievement.”

The day-long event concluded with departmental meetings where secondary staff shared specific teaching approaches that have proven to be successful.  In addition, the smaller groups of teachers were also challenged to discuss the feasibility of new cross-curricular projects.

Under the direction of Gretchen Caruso, Elementary Principal, DCC’s pre-school through grade 5 faculty met during the day-long in-service on September 28 to begin planning for upcoming events in the new academic year. In addition, the staff also discussed the well-attended Open House format used for this year’s September event.  Adding ‘Math Night’ to the evening’s agenda was a huge success, according to Caruso, explaining that parents really enjoyed playing the math games along with their children.   “I am grateful that DCC’s middle school Junior National Honor Society members volunteered their time to help make our Math Night run smoothly,” concludes Caruso.

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