Magazine Campaign…2016-2017

This magazine campaign is a very important, and profitable, component of our annual budget.

Money raised through this magazine program pays for classroom supplies, United Way Day,

the elementary school picnic, as well as student activities such as field trips and educational

assemblies.  Once again, we are doing the “Magazine Campaign” on a schoolwide basis.

Last year was the first year that we did the magazine campaign with all grades…

Pre – K through 12th grade, and our profits increased over 50%!  We’re also adding an exciting

new product with the magazines; a “Digital Savings App”. This app offers thousands of discounts

and savings locally, online, and across the country! Please ask family, friends, co-workers, and

others to purchase a magazine, or renew their current magazine subscriptions (the average

household in Pennsylvania receives four magazine subscriptions). 

Don’t forget about doctor or dentist offices!

****Call 371-2570 (Pre K-5) .....or 371-3060 (ms-hs) for more details!****       

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