DCC’s Annual 7th Grade Science Fair

7th Grade Science Fair #1 

DuBois Central Catholic Middle School held its Annual 7th Grade Science Fair on Friday, March 18th in the school’s gymnasium.  Exhibition of the projects was held on Palm Sunday, March 20.  Judging of the projects took place on Friday afternoon.  Each student prepared a ten minute presentation of an investigation.  The students were judged on how well they applied the steps of the scientific method.

Seventh grade projects scoring between 40 and 50 and receiving first awards were done by Isaac Gray, Easton Bacha, Ethan Starr, Alex Graeca, Nick Graeca, Dominic Hall, Cade Peck, Derek Strouse, Erin Maloney, Amanda Rossi, Madison Gill, Michaela Armanini, J.P. Piccirillo, Damon Foster, Erica Sweka, Holly Deemer, Nick Felix, Tanner Morelli, Jennelle Adams, Ethan Kness, Cindy Lam, Maddie Klark, Mia Meholick, Abby Shepler and Natasha Kunselman.

 Projects scoring between 30 and 39 and receiving second awards were done by 7th graders Emily Joseph, Maria Werner, JoAnne Case, Alaina Groce, Christopher Uhl, Antonio Nguyen, Alex Jenkins, Lennon Lindholm, Kayden Ritchie, Nick Swisher, Zach Spellen, Dante Armanini, Loren Way, and Madison Hannah.

 Best of Show medallions are presented to the projects receiving the highest number of points.  Best of Show first prize winners were done by Isaac Gray with his project, ”Does a Maze Affect the Growth of a Slime Mold?”;   Easton Bacha and Ethan Starr, with their project, ”How do Different Foods Affect a Rabbit’s Sense of Smell?”; and  Alex Graeca and Nick Graeca’s project, “How Does Stomach Acid Affect Chewing Gum?”

 Judges for this year’s Science Fair were Bernie Pitrone, Pharmacist;  Larry LaBenne, Pharmacist;   Mandi Palumbo, Pharmacist;  Amy Way, Biologist,  Lock Haven University;  Megan Burley Hoover, Pharmacist;  Brad Pifer, Maintenance Manager at DCC;  Ron Chollock, retired, Owens/Brockway;  Deidre Minns, Administrative Staff, DCC;   Jenn Graeca, science teacher, DCC;  and Donna Chollock, science teacher, DCC.

 DuBois Central Catholic students assisting at the fair were Jacob Hollenbaugh, Cy Hollenbaugh, Brian Elias, Thomas Grecco, Michael Zaffuto, Mara Baronick, Kasey Baronick, Trisha Gupta, Rebecca Pifer, and Alex Micknis.  Coordinator of the 2016 Science Fair and Floor Manager was Donna Chollock, Science Department Chairperson.

The student projects were under the guidance and instruction of Renee Gressler, middle science teacher at DuBois Central Catholic.





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