DCC Elementary…100 Reasons “We Love Our Library!”

100 Reasons We Love Our LibraryIn celebration of National Catholic Schools Week and the 100th day of school taking place during this ‘special’ week, elementary students at DuBois Central Catholic were asked,  “Why do you love our elementary library?”

Responses were then written by each student on a red heart…and the first 100 responses posted on the glass entrance to the library.  The remaining ‘hand-written hearts’ form a larger heart on the wall nearest the library door.

Here are just a sampling of the students responses, which certainly ‘warmed the hearts’ of the elementary staff:

…It opens my imagination…Our library is amazing...Mr. Lesnick reads to us…It is peaceful and calm!  … Learning new things in books! …The variety of books there… Taking the AR quizzes and earning prizes!  … I get to take home a book! …  Our Story Time!  …  (Our library) makes reading fun!  

DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School is blessed to have such a wonderful library facility…and appreciative students who enter its doors!




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