Students Celebrate Mole Day

Mole Project #2Students in Mrs. Jenn Graeca’s science classes tackled a unique approach to learning about the mole, a common term in science for measuring matter by counting particles, based on work done almost 200 years ago by Amadeo Avogadro as he studied gas behavior and created the association of a number (6.02 x 1023) as a mole.

Students in photo prepare to measure the circumference of special ‘mole’ balloons at one of the six learning stations set up in DCC’s chemistry lab.

Graeca explains, “Each station dealt with understanding the concept of a mole by developing memory pathways to help with the recall of key ideas.

Not only science and social studies joined forces for the memorization project but also Spanish as students learned about and tasted Mexico’s national food dish, Mole Poblano.

“The goal for students to become familiar with the mole concept was achieved by this cross-curricular event,” concludes Graeca.



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