Study Skills & 6th Graders

The Study Skills Course at DuBois Central Catholic Middle School has proven to be a welcome course for all sixth graders as they adjust to the changes from elementary school life to the many freedoms and new responsibilities experienced in middle school.

According to Mrs. Starleen Young, a variety of topics are covered in the course, each aimed at helping students to study smarter.  The course begins with organizational skills, and as one of Young’s former students wrote in an essay, “When you stay organized, it takes a lot of stress away from you.” Color coding course binders has become quite popular at DCC middle school since the course was instituted several years ago, explains Young.

Not only lockers should be organized but bedrooms at home….and even a person’s time, which accounts for students keeping a to-do list and a planner, adds Young.   Another student wrote, “A planner is like a mini calendar where you record something you don’t want to forget.”

Other topics presented in the course are time management, setting goals, and reading for success. Young states, “And no study skills course would be complete without note taking tips for different learning styles.”

In addition, students learn general test taking skills as well as tips for tackling specific types of tests, such as true and false or multiple choice. As another student penned in her essay, “These tips made test taking not so scary and nerve-racking.”

Young states, ”These skills are really skills needed throughout high school, college, and in real life,” adding, “Starting these behavior patterns early will make their life less stressful now and as an adult; organization in school leads to less study time, better grades and more success in school.”


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