End of Year Awards

DuBois Central Catholic announces the annual end-of-the-year awards for the 2014-2015 school year. According to senior class tradition, future career plans as well as college scholarships were announced individually during commencement, with families asked to stand for their respective students. In addition, academic excellence plaques for the various disciplines along with other graduation awards and achievements were presented during Commencement on Sunday, June 7.

The following ‘special awards’ were presented Saturday, June 6, as part of the Baccalaureate:
  • DuBois Catholic School Citizenship Scholarship:   Sarah Jo Wells
  • DuBois Drug & Wellness Award: Andrea Walter
  • Dr. Albert L. Varacallo Education Scholarship: Daniel Sayers
  • Ferraro Accounting Scholarship: Brianna Clyde
  • Francis J. Mehall Engineering Scholarship: William Kurtz
  • George P. Gasbarre Engineering Scholarship: William Kurtz
  • Hilda Passarelli-Caramela & Samuel Caramela Scholarship: Arlan Zelenky
  • Mary Ann Caracciolo Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Jo Wells
  • Shane Edward Horner Memorial Scholarship: Sabrena Starr
  • DAR Good Citizenship Award: Philip Myers
  • George N. Nye Memorial Scholarship: Jared Kosko & Sarah Jo Wells
  • Symmco, Inc. Scholarship: Sarah jo Wells
  • DuBois Kiwanis Scholarship: n Philip Myers
  • DuBois Area Jaycees Scholarship: Sarah Jo Wells
  • National Outstanding Musician of 2015: Maria Ginther
  • President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Ryan Anderson, Angel Cardamone, Maria Ginther, Bryanna Guthridge, Phil Myers, Danny Sayers, Thomas Vasbinder, Andrea Walters, Sarah Jo Wells, and Arlan Zelenky.
The following awards were announced at the in-school Awards Assembly on Friday, June 5.
  • The 2015 NHS Scholarship was awarded to Philip Myers.
  • DCC’s 2015 Mock Trial Team members were acknowledged with a tee shirt given by the Jefferson County Bar Association.
  • The Journalism Department staff was recognized for their work on the yearbook to be distributed in August.
  • Student Council recognition was given to the 2015 Council Leaders, Danny Sayers and Phil Myers.
  • University of Rochester 2015 Science Awardees were named: Bausch & Lomb Science Award – Andrea Selker; the George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Michael Zaffuto.
  • Excellence in Music Awards were presented to the following: Pedar Garred, Rebecca Pifer, and Michael Zaffuto.
  • Each academic department presented certificates of achievements for class sections in Grade 6 through Grade 12, with teachers as presenters on stage during the Friday afternoon assembly on June 5.

The following National Honor Society members completed all NHS national and chapter requirements and wore their gold honor stoles at the baccalaureate on Saturday, June 6, and at commencement on Sunday, June 7: Ryan Anderson, Angel Cardamone, Brianna Clyde, Nicole Evans, Maria Ginther, Bryanna Guthridge, Philip Myers, Daniel Sayers, Sabrena Starr, Thomas Vasbinder, Andrea Walters, Sarah Jo Wells, and Arlan Zelenky

During commencement exercises in the gym on Sunday, June 7, the following gold honor plaques were presented:
  • Over-all Academic Excellence –Arlan Zelenky
  • Over-all Academic Achievement – Sabrena Starr
  • English – Philip Myers
  • Mathematics – Angel Cardamone
  • Science – Daniel Sayers
  • Social Studies – Ryan Anderson
  • Theology – Sarah Jo Wells
  • Art – Sophia Tornatore
  • Business – Arlan Zelenky
  • Computer Technology – Jared Kosko
  • Drama – William Kurtz
  • Foreign Language – Hayley Anderson
  • Journalism – Thomas Vasbinder
  • Music – Maria Ginther
  • Physical Education – Philip Myers and Matthew Fassnacht
  • Academic Excellence & Participation in Varsity Sports – Ryan Anderson, Brianna Clyde, and Samantha Liddle
  • Christian Service – John Garred and Philip Myers
The Parental Involvement Awardees for 2015 were the following:
  • Karen Anderson
  • Ralph & Yvonne Cardamone
  • Dolly Marshall
  • Jason Marshall
  • Belinda Vasbinder.
Additional Awards:
  • The Bishop’s Diocesan Christian Service Award was presented to Arlan Zelenky.                   .
  • The Mothers’ & Fathers’ Association Award was presented to Sharon Wantuck.
  • The Bishop Donald W. Trautman Alumni Award was presented to Linda Schalk.
  • The Mary Petruzzi Lionetti Memorial Scholarship Award for Catholic Leadership was awarded to Daniel Sayers.

A photo of the traditional tossing of the mortar boards by the new DCC graduates outside the front entrance to DuBois Central Catholic High School concluded the afternoon ceremony on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

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