DCC Community Ambassadors

“I have given you a model to follow, so that, as I have done for you, so you should do for each other.” (John 13:15).


Because “we value the faith-centered community, fostering a family spirit that promotes respect, teamwork, and service to others,” the DuBois Central Catholic has established a Service Program known as DCC Community Ambassadors which will allow students:

  • to be actively engaged as individuals and in collaboration with others, in using their gifts and talents;
  • to know the satisfaction of reaching out to others in a spirit of service;
  • to form the foundation for a life of Christian service.

Action Plan

Each class in the high school and middle school will complete two projects, one focused on service to the school, the second, focused on the community.

In addition, each student will be responsible to complete a set number of individual service hours:

  • Grades 6,7,8– 10 hours per year
  • Grade 9 — 15 hours per year
  • Grade 10 — 20 hours per year
  • Grade 11 — 25 hours per year
  • Grade 12 — 30 hours per year

These hours are a requirement of the school program as well as a requirement for high school graduation. The service component will be included in the theology grade for each middle school and high school student.

Click here to download form for the submission of service hours. This form is also available in the back of the student handbook and on the counter in the main office.