Admissions Process
for Middle and High School

STEP 1Schedule an appointment with the Admissions Office.  The Admissions Office will arrange for you to meet with our Business Manager and other administrators, faculty and students if you wish.  You will be invited to tour our school.  Call 814-371-6689 to get started!

STEP 2:  Schedule a Cardinal for a Day Experience (your child follows a student his or her age through a typical school day) and Placement Tests for your child. Lunch will be provided.

STEP 3:  Submit an Application– Plus the following:      

  • $25 Non-refundable Application Fee     
  • Previous school year report card     
  • Unofficial School Transcript from current school  year                  
  • Immunization Records           

All requested information and placement test results will be forwarded to the high school principal.  At that time, it will be determined if a meeting with the high school principal should be made.

The Admissions Committee will reach a decision to accept or decline, upon receipt of all necessary information.
The policy of DuBois Central Catholic for Grade 1 through Grade 12 is to accept students on a 30 day Provisional Acceptance contingent upon the following:

  • Documentation provided by you during your initial school visit
  • Results of the placement test (s) 
  • Recommendation of faculty, based on your child’s Cardinal Day Experience 
  • Receipt of official and complete academic records from your child’s previous school